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Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Movies online Warm Bodies (2013)

Poster Warm Bodies (2013)With much of the future world's population rendered into an undead horde, R is a young, and oddly introspective, zombie. On a feeding encounter with a human gathering party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens with that is the beginnings of a strangely warm relationship that causes R to start to regain his humanity. As this ...

Genre: Comedy Horror Romance
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Watch Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) Movies online Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

Poster Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)In this spin on the fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel are now bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world. As the fabled Blood Moon approaches, the siblings encounter a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past. ...

Genre: Action Family Horror
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Watch The Conjuring (2013) Movies online The Conjuring (2013)

Poster The Conjuring (2013)In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Parren move their family into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm house and soon strange things start happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the noted paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to examine the house. What the Warrens discover is a whole area steeped in a ...

Genre: Biography Horror Thriller
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Watch Devil's Due (2014) Movies online Devil's Due (2014)

Poster Devil's Due (2014)After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy. While recording everything for posterity, the husband begins to notice odd behavior in his wife that they initially write off to nerves, but, as the months pass, it becomes evident that the dark changes to her body a ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014) Movies online Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

Poster Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)Jessie begins experiencing a number of disturbing and unexplainable things after the death of his neighbor. As he investigates, it isn't long before Jessie finds he's been marked for possession by a malevolent demonic entity, and it's only a matter of time before he is completely under its control... ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch X Game (2010) Movies online X Game (2010)

Poster X Game (2010)Hideaki and his 6th grade classmates Takeshi, Chie and Tetsuya, wake up to find themselves in their old elementary school after the suicide of their teacher. They are forced to torture one another by playing X Game, which was created by Takeshi to bully a girl named Mariko. ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Found (2012) Movies online Found (2012)

Poster Found (2012)Based on the novel by Todd Rigney, "Found" centers around Marty, a shy, bullied fifth-grader who takes refuge in horror films... until his life turns into one. After finding a human head in his brother's closet, Marty fears for the safety of his family while making a desperate effort to reconnect with Steve, the big brother whose homicidal cravings ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Danger on Tiki Island (1974) Movies online Danger on Tiki Island (1974)

Poster Danger on Tiki Island (1974)Natives of a tropical island have to contend with man-eating plants and animals, mutations caused by radioactivity. Virgin sacrifices become the norm. A small group of interlopers become caught up in the mayhem. ...

Genre: Horror Sci-Fi
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Watch Blood Stalkers (3992) Movies online Blood Stalkers (3992)

Poster Blood Stalkers (3992)A horror movie about two tourists in Florida who is attacked by a chilling group of backwoods psychopaths. ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Sadako 2 3D (2013) Movies online Sadako 2 3D (2013)

Poster Sadako 2 3D (2013)Fuko Ando is a 24-year-old graduate student in psychology. She is tasked to take care of her 4-year-old niece. Soon, mysterious events occur around her niece. She then learns ... ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong (2013) Movies online Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong (2013)

Poster Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong (2013)It's a War of the Colossal Freaks when serial killing cookie, GINGERDEAD MAN, tracks down the lone survivor of his murderous rampage, SARAH LEIGH (Robin Sydney), to take care of unfinished business. But his devious plans go up in smoke when Sarah meets LARNELL (John Patrick Jordan), who has a pint-sized problem of his own. The EVIL BONG, EEBEE, has ...

Genre: Comedy Horror
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Watch Carrie (2013) Movies online Carrie (2013)

Poster Carrie (2013)A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom. Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, Carrie is directed by ...

Genre: Drama Horror
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Watch You're Next (2013) Movies online You're Next (2013)

Poster You're Next (2013)When a gang of masked, ax-wielding murderers descend upon the Davison family reunion, the hapless victims seem trapped... until an unlikely guest of the family proves to be the most talented killer of all. ...

Genre: Comedy Horror Thriller
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Watch Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild (2011) Movies online Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild (2011)

Poster Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild (2011) Based on a best-selling book, the heartwarming movie revolves around a hen named Leafie who dreams of life outside the cage. She manages to escape the farm with the help of a mallard .... ...

Genre: Adventure Animation Drama
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Watch Livid (2011) Movies online Livid (2011)

Poster Livid (2011)   "It's young Lucy's first day as a trainee in-house caregiver. She visits Mrs Jessel, an old woman who lies in cerebral coma, by herself, in her large desolate house. Learning by accident that Mrs Jessel, a former dance teacher of repute, supposedly possesses a treasure somewhere in the house, Lucy and friends William and Ben decide to ...

Genre: Fantasy Horror
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Watch Cassadaga (2011) Movies online Cassadaga (2011)

Poster Cassadaga (2011) Devastated by the death of her younger sister, Lily Morel seeks solace at the spiritualist community of Cassadaga. But instead of finding closure, she contacts something else - the vengeful ghost of a murdered young woman. With her life crumbling all-around her, Lily races to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman's death - a t ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Silent But Deadly (2011) Movies online Silent But Deadly (2011)

Poster Silent But Deadly (2011)   Thomas Capper is an unconventional and mysterious serial killer who takes aim at a Hollywood film set, by unleashing his own brand of retribution on the cast and crew. ...

Genre: Comedy Horror
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Watch The Unleashed (2011) Movies online The Unleashed (2011)

Poster The Unleashed (2011)   Madison Kennard, a troubled woman dealing with her dark past, must venture home after an 8 year absence following her mothers death...  ...

Genre: Drama Horror Thriller
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Watch Penumbra (2011) Movies online Penumbra (2011)

Poster Penumbra (2011)   A woman hesitantly rents an apartment to an eerie man who she soon realizes has a part in the solar eclipse that is taking place. ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch U Mugs (2012) Movies online U Mugs (2012)

Poster U Mugs (2012)  .......................................... ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch The Cabin in the Woods (2011) Movies online The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Poster The Cabin in the Woods (2011) Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods. ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Flowers on the Razorwire (2004) Movies online Flowers on the Razorwire (2004)

Poster Flowers on the Razorwire (2004) Sooner or later, Everybody Bleeds" Flowers on the Razorwire is a short film. It runs thirty minutes. Its...  ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012) Movies online Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012)

Poster Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012)  ................. ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Hack Job (2011) Movies online Hack Job (2011)

Poster Hack Job (2011) James and Mike are tired of art films taking away the credit that horror films deserve. So, they get a script from the devil to make the best horror film ever. The script has three stories in it. The first is about Nazis that awaken a mummy's curse. The second tale is about an alien that crashes a battle of the bands and then starts eating the con ...

Genre: Comedy Horror Thriller
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Watch Rosewood Lane (2011) Movies online Rosewood Lane (2011)

Poster Rosewood Lane (2011) When radio talk show psychiatrist, Dr. Sonny Blake, moves back to her hometown, she takes notices of her neighborhood paper boy's unusual behavior. ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Father's Day (2011) Movies online Father's Day (2011)

Poster Father's Day (2011) Sons, lock up your fathers... vengeance arrives on... Father's Day! ...

Genre: Action Comedy Horror
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Watch Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011) Movies online Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011)

Poster Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011) The gingerdead man travels back in time to 1976 and carries out an epic disco killing spree. ...

Genre: Comedy Horror
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Watch Jack the Reaper (2011) Movies online Jack the Reaper (2011)

Poster Jack the Reaper (2011) A group of unsuspecting teens face a railroad reaper in his desert carnival. ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch The Sleeper (2012) Movies online The Sleeper (2012)

Poster The Sleeper (2012) It's 1981 and the girls of Alpha Gamma Theta sorority are having a party. As the new pledges arrive, so does an uninvited guest. Little do the sisters know someone is watching them in the shadows. As the girls shower, study, eat and sleep the stalker studies the girls. One by one he finds the girls at their most vulnerable and murders them. The po ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011) Movies online Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

Poster Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011) When Jenna asks her four hot girlfriends to help convert an old mansion into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to party instead! Things get steamy between the girls, until they accidentally unleash the half-pint, horrible Killer Eye, a perverse party crasher from beyond. Bent on having his way, the Killer Eye will stop at nothing until he gets exactl ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Devil's Crossing (2011) Movies online Devil's Crossing (2011)

Poster Devil's Crossing (2011) Nuclear war has ravaged the world. The remnants of humanity fight to survive, taking refuge in bleak settlements. The undead wander the earth, slaves to their blood-lust, or perhaps some higher power? The tattered town of Celestial sets the stage for the greatest battle of the New Dark Age! A score that must be settled and a reckoning that has bee ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Frost Bite (2011) Movies online Frost Bite (2011)

Poster Frost Bite (2011) Several months after a zombie outbreak Frost Bite is the last town in Alaska. For John Bannister and his team of survivors it's what they call home, and it's all they got. Now, an unforeseen evil has risen, and his name is Regis, and he wants everything they have. Zombies are one thing, but Raiders are something else entirely. ...

Genre: Action Horror
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Watch If a Tree Falls (2010) Movies online If a Tree Falls (2010)

Poster If a Tree Falls (2010) Siblings, Brad and Lisa Carpenter, along with two lifelong family friends, Will and Vanessa, set out road-tripping to an annual family reunion. They make the decision to find a place to stop and camp for the night. What ensues is a violent disturbance by six masked assailants, without motive or reason. The group find themselves living a night of p ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Playback (2012) Movies online Playback (2012)

Poster Playback (2012) When a group of high school students dig into their town's infamous past they unwittingly unlock an Evil that corrupts and destroys them. Possessing its victims through video playback and using them for malevolent purposes, it closes in on one specific soul, threatening to expose the town's deepest, darkest secret.  ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Cursed: Sheol (2011) Movies online Cursed: Sheol (2011)

Poster Cursed: Sheol (2011) A young journalist named Jin Duyen is holding her own investigation of the murder case. With the police covering up details she ventures out to the scene of the crime and has a frightening encounter. Then, after returning home, she realizes that something has followed her, and she's somehow become "Cursed" due to her involvement. Meanwhi ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Absentia (2011) Movies online Absentia (2011)

Poster Absentia (2011) Tricia's husband Daniel has been missing for seven years. Her younger sister Callie comes to live with her as the pressure mounts to finally declare him 'dead in absentia.' As Tricia sifts through the wreckage and tries to move on with her life, Callie finds herself drawn to an ominous tunnel near the house. As she begins to link it to other myste ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012) Movies online 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

Poster 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012) Survivors escape to a deserted atoll after a Semester at Sea ship is sunk by a mutated two-headed shark. But when the atoll starts flooding, no one is safe from the double jaws of the monster. ...

Genre: Action Horror Sci-Fi
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Watch Faces of Death IV (1990) Movies online Faces of Death IV (1990)

Poster Faces of Death IV (1990) Follows the same pattern of the other Faces of Death movies. In this one we see many staged and not so staged looking deaths ranging from bungee jumping accidents and magic tricks gone bad.  ...

Genre: Documentary Horror
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Watch The Awakening (2011) Movies online The Awakening (2011)

Poster The Awakening (2011) 1921 England is overwhelmed by the loss and grief of World War I. Hoax exposer Florence Cathcart visits a boarding school to explain sightings of a child ghost. Everything she knew in unravels as the 'missing' begin to show themselves. ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch The Devil Inside (2012) Movies online The Devil Inside (2012)

Poster The Devil Inside (2012) In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism. ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Underworld: Awakening (2012) Movies online Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Poster Underworld: Awakening (2012) When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrioress Selene leads the battle against humankind. ...

Genre: Action Fantasy Horror
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Watch Pelt (2010) Movies online Pelt (2010)

Poster Pelt (2010) Sudden, gory death hides behind every bush. When beautiful Jennifer and her friends embark on a backpacking excursion deep into the woods, they come chest to chest with an evil as old as the trees. Listen...above the crackling of the that the sound of a twig snapping or your best girlfriend's neck? The interlopers discover that when ...

Genre: Comedy Horror
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Watch The Hunters (2011) Movies online The Hunters (2011)

Poster The Hunters (2011) Alice and her friends are approaching the end of the school year where their dead-end lives will end and the chance of a new life will begin. Before heading off to college they spend one last day together in the woods, the one part of town that has always been off limits to them growing up. As they stumble upon what they thought was an abandoned f ...

Genre: Horror
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Watch Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail (2011) Movies online Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail (2011)

Poster Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail (2011) So once again, Nilbog calls to you! It calls you back... Do you hear it? Howard does. And once again he and his band of merry men venture through that covered bridge and back into the world of monsters! With Cornelius still trapped in the town and on the run from zombies, Howard and crew try to seek him out for a glorious rescue and at the same ti ...

Genre: Adventure Comedy Horror
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Watch Collapse (2010) Movies online Collapse (2010)

Poster Collapse (2010) The normal worries of a struggling small town farmer are blown away when the world is suddenly overrun by undead monsters. How can a good man protect and provide for his family in a hostile world without becoming a monster himself? ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Chop (2011) Movies online Chop (2011)

Poster Chop (2011) Lance Reed is forced by a psychotic stranger to confront his duplicitous past. Seeking retribution for a crime, the man forces Lance to reveal his inner most secrets by systematically removing his limbs. ...

Genre: Comedy Horror Thriller
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Watch Night Drive (2010) Movies online Night Drive (2010)

Poster Night Drive (2010) Against the tranquil backdrop of a game reserve, South African thriller Night Drive tracks a group of tourists left stranded during a night-time game drive after their vehicle breaks down...  ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch The Innkeepers (2011) Movies online The Innkeepers (2011)

Poster The Innkeepers (2011) During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel's haunted past begin to experience disturbing events as old guests check in for a stay. ...

Genre: Horror Thriller
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Watch Porkchop (2010) Movies online Porkchop (2010)

Poster Porkchop (2010) The story of a group of young campers headed off into the wilderness for a weekend of partying at an abandoned summer camp only to discover they are not alone and the camp's inhabitant, a deranged redneck with a pig mask, is not pleased with their presence.  ...

Genre: Drama Horror Thriller
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Watch Hollywood Sex Wars (2011) Movies online Hollywood Sex Wars (2011)

Poster Hollywood Sex Wars (2011) Max (Dominique Purdy), Aaron (Richard Blair) and Glen (Nicholas Cooper) have a track record littered with strike-outs and misfit hook-ups. The boys embark on a mission to up their hot babe batting average. They meet Hollywood Casanova Johnny Eyelash (Mario Diaz) who teaches these boys the game of scoring A-list arm candy. But there is one problem, ...

Genre: Comedy
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